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Basement Waterproofing in Greater Manchester, NH

Water Entry — Basement in Derry, NH
We can waterproof just about anything, though our specialty is focused on basements and foundations. Waterproofing any structure from the exterior is impossible. You are limited as to how much of the foundation that can be sealed because it is impossible to 100% waterproof the floor. Only the walls and footer can be reached from the exterior. The nature of water is to follow the least route of resistance and will inevitably come in other locations.

The fact is that all the drains and pumps in the world can not dry up the earth under or around a home, they can not ensure that MOISTURE will not permeate up through the floor, and truly can not waterproof any structure. The mere presence of moisture in the ground will raise the humidity within the basement, moisture caused water damage, high humidity sparks mold, mold caused health problem, and odors etc… Drains catch bulk water and either runs this water to a “sump pit” (inside the home) to be then pumped away from the home. Sometimes (if there is enough slope on the property) this water is simply run away from the home not needing a “sump pit and sump pump”.
This method is well known by any contractor, builder, waterproofer, etc… and is considered the norm because such methods are accepted to merely “satisfy code” not to accept responsibility when or if the foundation begins to leak at any point down the road. These contractors/waterproofers know that such methods will not and can not be guaranteed nor will they truly waterproof. That is why they sell dehumidifiers, sheet plastic, and many other “indirect methods” of shielding your internal contents of the basement from the water/moisture/humidity that enters.
My advanced penetrating sealer blocks both liquid and gas from entering in. This will help improve your living conditions. By waterproofing your basement you also improve the overall value of your home and it increases the quality of the air you have indoors, protecting yourself and your family.

Our product won't crack like others. Instead, when the crack moves due to normal settling our product will flex and move with it rather than crack. All of this with zero maintenance. We won't have to bring in any mechanical equipment either. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that it will hold for as long as you own your home. Best of all, it is less expensive than other sealers.
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